Chess in the Arts and Literature

Chess is a board game that has been played for many centuries. It originated in Europe and is a very popular game still today. There are national tournaments held all over the world for all age groups from young children to adults. It is also a popular game to be played in nursing homes or elderly care communities as it offers mind stimulation for the elderly.

Chess is a game that is also very popular in arts and literature. It can be seen in books, magazines, articles, newspapers, arts, ballets, or music. There have been many very well known books that are sometimes based around the game of chess or that use the game at some point in the literature. It also can be used as a metaphor for something else.

There are various chess magazines and publications that you can find in bookstores, libraries or online. Some offers subscriptions to chess enthusiasts, while others do not. Chess can also be found in many online venues.

For the chess enthusiast, there are books that are centered on chess. Sometimes this can include the actual game being some sort of central part of the book. Other times authors may be less obvious and use the chess game as metaphors, chapter titles or other various ways of intertwining the chess game into the book without the actual game being the main focus.

Chess is a game of critical thinking and strategy so many avid chess players find these types of books and articles very interesting as it is clear the author has had to use some thought to strategically position the chess analogies.

Chess can also be used in literature to dictate how the book or publications course goes. For example, a story may be based around a person and different “chess moves” they make in their life and how it affects their surroundings. It is a great way to depict struggles or battles that may be going on in a book or publication.

Chess is also found in arts, most commonly in paintings where the game of chess if being depicted being played by a group of individuals. Usually chess is played with two people. They have a board that they place the chess pieces on to. The pieces are two colors, usually black and white, and have varying shapes mostly based on medieval times. This includes kings, queens, knights, bishops and pawns.

Each player is allowed to make one move of their pieces before the other player gets to move again. The king piece is being protected by all the other chess pieces. The object of the game is to checkmate, or block the other player’s king so that he has nowhere to move the king.

Also, in arts you actually see the game of chess depicted through ballet, musicals or interpretive dance moves. Again, the chess game may be more literal or the dancers may be recreating the battle or games being played as chess pieces are moved up and across a board.