Art, Music and Literature Based Communities

What drives people? Some may say inspiration, our ambitions and needs; this is not very far from saying that people are driven by the inspiration provided by art and music as well as by the need to quench our literary thirst. For most people reading a book, watching a movie or listening to their favorite music isn’t enough of an experience, the most important part is to interact and get validation from people with the same interests about our point of views and opinions.

It is often said that every individual is different, this remains true in many aspects however when it comes to topics such as Art, music and literature we all have something in common, our tastes as far as music may concur with someone else’s but our interests in literature could differ. Validation and the exchange of ideas is what makes the web so popular, every site built provides ideas which are meant to be validated by people, without this basic interaction the entire concept of the web is defeated.

People interested in art, music literature, etc. have taken advantage of the web to create communities focused on sharing their thoughts regarding these topics, for instance some may consider “Five for Fighting – 100 years” as much as a piece of musical art as “Pachebel’s – Canon”, some may definitively disagree as both pieces belong to different genres, one has vocals the other is solely instrumental; small differences in the perception of art is what triggers reactions on which entire communities come together and share their ideas regarding the topic being discussed.

The same can be said of literature, for some Romeo and Juliet is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of romantic literature ever written, however the language used may not have the same effect in contemporary readers as it won’t convey the emotions it did back then; so it is to say that the power of such piece has diluted through time. In order to recreate such excellent work actors and writers come together and work in such play, however what matters is how people perceive their work and how emotions are conveyed through professional acting, again small differences trigger a sea of reviews and opinions which is better expressed in online interactions.

For most of us free speech is the ultimate work of art, as it allows us to express our thoughts through any medium without worrying of censorship, taking advantage of the tools and resources available to express our thoughts is without a doubt the most precious right.